How Long Does Roof Restoration Take

When you require roof work—from minor repairs to comprehensive roof restorations—it’s hard to give a blanket answer as to how long it will take. Certainly the scope of roofing work you need is the biggest consideration, followed by specifics of your particular roof and its current condition. However, here are a few estimates to get you started.Restored Roof

  1. Restoration. If you’re looking for a ballpark figure in Brisbane, roof restoration typically takes around two to five days. For metal roofing, this might require replacing any metal sheets and/or screws or nails, cleaning gutters, high-pressure cleaning of the roof itself, and application of sealer, membrane and/or colour. For tile roofing, the process includes replacing any broken pieces, cleaning gutters, cleaning the roof, recapping, and applying several stages of coating and colour upon request.
  2. Cleaning. If you don’t need or aren’t ready for full roof restoration, simple but thorough cleaning can be a great in-between maintenance measure that takes only a few hours but can take years off the appearance of your roof. Done regularly, it can also extend its life.
  3. Repair. When you discover a leak, it’s easy to panic and assume it’s time for roof replacement.

Brisbane homeowners should call us first to have our experts find the source, assess the damage and give you an estimate of the time and money involved in protecting your existing roof. Even if you eventually need to take more comprehensive measures, sometimes it’s worth investing in quality repair work to put off installing a full replacement for now. And the time investment is minimal—probably only a few hours will get you back in shape and ready to face the next rain with confidence that the water will stay outside where it belongs.