Roof Cleaning

As an alternative to full roof restoration that can take years off your roof’s appearance while removing nasty buildup, consider the services we offer in comprehensive roof cleaning. Brisbane homeowners are often amazed by the results they see after hiring us for a thorough cleaning job. A clean roof can also improve your roof’s ability to reflect the sun effectively while minimizing the risk of clogged down pipes and other damage resulting from buildup and debris that goes unchecked.

How Do I Know When My Roof Needs Cleaning?

The truth is that everyone’s does, at some point or another. It’s an important maintenance measure to guard against wear and damage. Why? While quality roofing is designed to withstand harsh elements, even the highest-quality materials are not impervious to the blazing sun and wet, humid seasons, which tend to breed (sometimes hard-to-see) algae and moss.Preparing To Clean A Roof

The problem? For one, it’s ugly and makes your roof look old before its time. Often the same people who regularly clean their siding, patios and other exterior surfaces somehow fail to pay any attention to the appearance of their roof. So one way to know if your roof needs cleaning is just to start paying attention. Does it look dingy and worn? Could it look a lot better without a large investment? The second answer is a resounding “yes.” Especially if the goal is to achieve a new, fresh look and you think the only answer is roof painting, Brisbane homeowners should definitely call us first to find out if thorough roof cleaning could achieve the same result with less expense.

What’s the Best Way to Go About It?

For starters, this is not a job we recommend homeowners take on themselves. Any work performed on the roof poses inherent dangers. It’s too easy to lose your balance under the best of circumstances; add heavy equipment and wet conditions into the mix, and it’s really a job better left to a professional who does this every day.

Meanwhile, if you hire us, we’ll bring only the best tools in terms of equipment and cleaning solutions to the job. We don’t use any product or process until we’ve first tested it thoroughly and make sure it meets our high standards for quality performance.

We welcome the chance to discuss what roof cleaning can do for the appearance and maintenance of your home exterior.