Roof Repairs

The need for roof repairs can seem subtle—from tell-tale ceiling stains to leaks during heavy rain—or obvious, such as a heavy tree limb falling on the roof and breaking tiles. Whatever the cause or signs, no one enjoys having to deal with roof repairs. Brisbane residents can call us at any time of the day and trust us to find the source and address the problem quickly and efficiently.

Roof RepairsIf you think you are need of roof repair, Brisbane homeowners should take comfort in knowing this is likely a minor hassle, not a major expense. Things happen. Tiles or ridge caps get broken during storms; sun exposure can cause cracks over time; dirt and debris can make their way into crevices, creating just enough space for water to find its way in. We’ve seen it all, and we know how to fix just about any problem you can imagine.

So while it’s easy to worry that finding a couple of leaks means you need to invest in drastic measures or even re-roofing, Brisbane customers that we’ve served over the years trust us to give an honest assessment and provide the most cost-effective solution to repair the problem without trying to oversell you on services that the current situation does not warrant.

What’s the Difference Between Roof Repair and Roof Restoration?

We take great pride in our ability to perform full roof restoration and often recommend it for homeowners whose roofs are showing signs of age, major wear-and-tear and needing regular spot repairs. As a service we provide to maintain and improve the overall condition of the roof and extend its life expectancy, roof restoration includes a thorough cleaning and adding a new top coat for added protection against future damage. However, this service may be premature if your roof is still relatively new and in good condition. So if you call us in need of roofing repairs, Brisbane customers can rest assured that we’re happy to fix the problem at hand without trying to convince you that a spot of damage is a sign that you need more service than your roof really requires at this time.

That’s because we’ve built our business upon building trust. Our goal is for every client to feel confident that when their roof needs immediate attention, we will treat you honestly and fairly.