Tile Roofing

With its classic look and diverse options in style, colour and material, tile roofing, Brisbane homeowners know, will never go out of style.

Tile RoofingTile roofing—generally made of either concrete, or terracotta (a type of clay)—offers a number of advantages in protecting your home and maintaining its beauty. The Roofing Tile Association of Australia notes that these systems combine superior durability, colourfastness, strength and longevity. Their density and mass also help provide soundproofing, superior thermal insulation, and protection against radiant heat in a bushfire.

Like any other material, however, tile also has its drawbacks. Its weight, which affords many advantages, can also mean you’ll need additional reinforcement to support it. While strong enough to hold their own against the elements, they are fragile if walked upon when any kind of roof work is required. Should breakage occur, though, tile roofing has the advantage of allowing you to replace any broken pieces easily without having to repair entire sections of roof.

Choosing the Right Material

If you’ve decided a tile roof is right for you and your home, you’ll have to decide on the material to use. Terracotta tiles are made from natural clays kiln fired for exceptional character and strength with great colour retention and minimal maintenance requirements. Concrete tiles are made from cement, lime, salt and water and can be either dyed the colour of your choice or left with a natural gray finish. Concrete can be far less expensive than terracotta but generally doesn’t last as long.

Our extensive experience with all variations of tile roofing can help you sort through the pros and cons of what’s on the market and make the smartest decision for your home, budget and look you want to achieve.

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